When establishing Spendefy, we desired to design a logo that spoke to the very essence of our purpose. We took the time to create a symbol that represented our mission, core values, and culture. We wanted to create a logo that not only represents solidarity, but also serves as the universal landmark confirming that a business is black-owned.

The inspiration behind our logo comes from West African symbols known as Adinkra, which originated in Ghana – a beautiful West African country located on the Atlantic Ocean. We created our logo based on the West African symbol, NKONSONKONSON (pronounced “Kon-Son-Kon-Son”), which represents a chain link and the official symbol of unity and human relations. This symbol was originally used as “a reminder to contribute to the community; that in unity lies strength.”

As an innovative resource for economic development, our logo celebrates the dynamic relationship between consumers and businesses; embracing the philosophy that true power derives from the union of the hand that gives with the hand that receives. With hopes of raising the awareness of local black-owned businesses in our city and in cities across America, Spendefy has intentionally devised a visual identity that will remind us all to discover, connect, and support local black-owned businesses online, where we live, and where we work.”

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