Meet Reginald Clark

Clark wishes to impart to today’s generation of rising entrepreneurs, a mantra that expresses itself powerfully in his life both inside and outside the office.


Reginald Clark, Owner of Appropriate Accounting Services, exemplifies the qualities that Spendefy celebrates in entrepreneurs and industry leaders in today’s world. Driven by a passion for problem-solving, Clark has been in business since August 2010 and has been auditing since June 2006, making him a veteran in the financial services industry. “Finding a niche,” and “being able to specialize” in a particular field is something that Clark highlights as crucial. Providing “full-scale financial services” that ensures efficiency and customer satisfaction is a guiding principle in his daily interactions.


Citing his mother, who is a source of inspiration for him in his professional life, he conducts business under the philosophy, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” Moreover, Clark’s father was an accountant, a fact that has cultivated in him a personal and intellectual appreciation of the complexity of the accounting industry. Growing up in a household where he “wasn’t allowed to fail” and where “a C was a failing grade,” he has been filled with ambition from a young age. “I look at the accounting industry as a puzzle,” he observes. “There’s all these moving parts. There’s all these pieces that you have to put together in order to get that full picture.”


Part of getting this full picture entails understanding the story and mindset of his clients. This personalizing of service is perhaps his most defining attribute when it comes to his approach to customer service and it demonstrates how he is willing to go the extra mile to guarantee that those who walk through the doors of Appropriate Accounting Services leave with all their needs met. “What kind of service would I want if I was a customer,” is a question he regularly asks himself before entering into any client relationship.


“Plan without fear”: this is the lesson that Clark wishes to impart to today’s generation of rising entrepreneurs, a mantra that expresses itself powerfully in his life both inside and outside the office. This is apparent in his role as the Finance Chair on the Board of the Central Communities Services Incorporated (CCSI), an organization whose primary focus is “youth enrichment” and combating hunger within Atlanta’s homeless population. Through this community outreach at risk youth are exposed to better lifestyles in the form of field trips and educational initiatives designed to instill the fundamentals of financial literacy. “Always looking forward to what’s next and what’s coming,” and the “excitement of trying to reach that goal,” keeps Clark moving forward in all of his pursuits.


In this era where millions continue to fall victim to a stagnant or declining economy, competent and compassionate financial service is more important than ever. Reginald Clark’s Appropriate Accounting Services stands out as an invaluable resource for those who desire a community-based institution that prioritizes their needs with the personal attention and care that it deserves. For these reasons, Spendefy celebrates Mr. Clark and his contribution to a growing culture of conscience consumerism.

You can visit Reginald Clark’s business listing with Spendefy here.

Written by: Xavier Best

Photography by: Enrique Morgan

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