Tiannia Barnes

Walk your path.

The Tiannia Barnes Collection features finely curated, Italian-made and lovingly crafted, contemporary – chic women’s shoes. Each pair is uniquely crafted from fine Italian leather and suede to inspire fearlessness, timelessness and boldness.

Tiannia Barnes shoes have graced runways in the British Virgin Islands and New York Fashion Week, and have also been featured in Vogue – Italia, Forbes, Madame Noire, FAST Company, BET’s Centric, VIBE, XONecole and other online magazine publications and numerous fashion and lifestyle blogs.

The founder, Tiannia Barnes, is an American shoe designer who’s style is inspired by color and culture with a chic and edgy hint of modern spice.

“My hope is when other women wear my designs, each may recall the moment in her own life that defined her path.”—Tiannia Barnes

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