Sylvesta Gilliam Hewlett Charity, Inc.

Self-Sustainability builds strong communities

Sylvesta Gilliam Hewlett Charity, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded to empower the lives of underserved individuals who have entrepreneurial ambitions but are unable to reach their full potential. Either due to the disparities from the lack of resources and training including but not limited to entrepreneurial education, economic advancement, social disadvantages, or criminal backgrounds which limits them to enter into a traditional workforce or are unable to make a living wage in their communities.

Sylvesta Gilliam Hewlett Charity, Inc. focus is to educate individuals in entrepreneurial training and assist them to self-sustainability and financial independence. We offer a 6-week training course: Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Social Media Marketing, Personal Branding, Basic Bookkeeping  These newly learned skills will expose them to new marketing avenues and streams of income, which will aid in the support of their families and communities.