Sleep is 4 Suckers

This very unique brand, as described by its founder David Shands, is geared toward the entrepreneur or anyone that’s ever lost sleep doing what they love. Est. In March of 2010, this brand has grown exponentially, shipping all across the country to customers and supporters who identify with the concept of work now and rest later. As of late, with the assistance of Eric Thomas, a world renown motivational speaker and life coach, countries such as Australia, Great Britain, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Africa, etc…. have joined the movement through purchasing product on the Sleepis4Suckers website. That’s major for a company that just a few years ago didn’t exist.

The t-shirts and sweatshirts have catchy sayings and amazing graphics, but it’s the Sleepis4Suckers wristbands that David declares is his favorite item because “every time you look at your wristband you make a decision.” A decision to waste time and aimlessly go through life or a decision to temporarily sacrifice comfort in order to acquire the things that you want. It completely makes sense.

Although, David has an ultimate goal, he doesn’t know exactly what the next steps will be. “I believe that my steps are ordered”, he explains. “….sure, I have plans of my own, but who knows what God has planned for me. I don’t want my agenda to interfere.”

It’s such a humble goal for someone who is so focused and passionate. No matter what the outcome, Sleep is 4 Suckers will be successful in tattooing this way of life into the minds of young professionals. David has already convinced thousands that Sleep is 4 Suckers………. next is the world!

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