Self Care Agency

The catalyst of the Self Care Revolution at home, work, and play. #SelfCareMatters

The Self Care Agency is a social enterprise established in 2014 as a functional extension of the Self Care Day Movement providing products and services that strengthen individuals and communities through a self care based framework.

Our agency is fueled by a unique education focused format to empower our clients and audiences with self care tools in a creative manner. No matter who you are, a mother, teacher, corporate professional or community leader, we know for a fact your level of self care is directly proportional to your ability to produce for others.

Who | Our agency is led by the founder of the Self Care Day movement, Anana Harris Parris.

“I could never put my finger on what was keeping me professionally and personally from feeling like I was truly getting better at ‘doing the relationship, work and dream building thing’ effectively. Everything seemed so difficult and disjointed. I had no idea the missing link was my desire to care for myself and address my own needs the same way I attacked writing a business plan or coordinated an event… I needed a strategy and a plan otherwise it would not get done. So, I wrote one. Through the Self Care Agency, I want you to write yours.” ~ Anana Harris Parris

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