Natural Blend Brooklyn

health food cafe with an organic juice bar

We are a health food cafe, organic juice bar; gourmet espresso bar; bakery with fresh and uncommon pastries made of wholesome flours, natural sweeteners that are vegan friendly, selections are gluten free. We provide exceptional customer service in a chic setting that welcome all patrons dressed up or down as well as those that would like to create a first date vibe or buiness meeting. We offer a palate for a diverse, health conscious community; a tranquil back yard garden that our patrons can unwind in with a family friendly atmosphere. You can certainly expect to hear the coolest of conscious reggae music as well as jazz vibes. The Jamaican Starbucks is finally here…COME ON IN!

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Malcolm X Boulevard 243
11233 NY US
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Mon-Sun: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm