Michangelo Boutique

Our shoes and bags are designer in every way. Though you may find similarities in the way we design and manufacturer, rest assured that all designs are exclusively the brainchild of Designer Michangelo Scruggs and each piece is unique. You will not find Another product like it on the market. From concept to manufacturer to delivery to your doorstep, our designer has cut no corners in trying to bring you safe, sturdy, fashionable items. Some designers have private labels sewn into shoes and handbags designed by someone else. You will never get that with Michangelo International.

All Michangelo International shoes and handbags are made with premium, high-quality materials.

With each season, Michangelo International LLC works to maintain and enhance our vision of Where Cute Meets Comfort, and with each generation of products, we will continue to advance our creativity according to fashion trends, never compromising on our cuteness or comfort.

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