Mason Global LLC

We Make Surfaces SelfCleaning

Mason Global LLC, an African-American wholesale company selling

sustainability products for residential and commercial use.

We can prevent and remove or fade existing organic

contamination. Our products and services are safe, “Green”

inexpensive and guaranteed satisfaction. Mason Global LLC

has partnered with armONx, a manufacturer of a proprietary

nano-technology called SelfClean.

SelfClean, as the name implies, effectively self-cleans

surfaces like concrete, brick, pavers, travertine, natural

stone, stucco, roof tiles, pool decks, patios and other

cementitious surfaces.

SelfClean works without using any harsh chemicals, causing

treated surfaces to become photoactive. By absorbing

natural sunlight or ambient light, the surface continually

breaks down and rids itself of oil, mold, mildew and other

contaminants that stain it. And in most cases, SelfClean

cleans surfaces entirely within weeks. We reduce pressure washing for years and offer a 5 year

Guaranteed Warranty  that if our products fail  property owners receive free pressure

washing for up to 5 years.

Unique Features

Photoactive using ambient sunlight

Prevents organic contamination

No environmental “runoff”

Sustainable for years after single application

Green product proven safe for plants, pets and people

No V.O.C’s

Simple application that only takes minutes to apply

Sterilizes Surfaces

Save Money, Time and Energy

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