Libreri Mapou Book Store

For many years, I have been selling books from my basement in New York (1979-1984) and at the Caribbean Marketplace in Miami (1990-1997). I always believe that there is a need for a growing Haitian community to keep its culture and redo its image in Diaspora. My mission is to promote the Haitian and African literature, by distributing materials in French, English and Creole, help the Haitians born in the Diaspora to keep their culture alive, and most importantly, to build a bridge between the Haitians and non-Haitians.

As president of Sosyete Koukouy Miami Inc. and one of the fathers of the great Creole Movement in Haiti in 1965, The bookstore has become a must, a need for my people and for the community at large. Late Jean Desquiron author of a collection of Haiti A La Une said, “Libreri Mapou is the Best and the Largest Haitian Bookstore”, and Bernard Diederich, author of papa Doc and the Tonton Macoutes, added, “the only real Haitian Book Store is in Miami”. Both, the New-Times and the New York Times acknowledged that Libreri Mapou is the Best Haitian Bookstore in Miami. I have a great vision for my community.

So far, I am proud of my accomplishments. However, Libreri Mapou is only a step toward a major project for the community. Our goal is to build a Cultural Center where a library, a bookstore, and a community theater will shake hands and where students, scholars, Haitians and non-Haitians as well can meet, talk, share common ideas and enjoy some great artistic activities.

Please help us meet our goal for a better Haitian Community in Miami. We need your support. Thank you.

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Northeast 2nd Avenue 5919
Miami 33137 FL US
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