It’s All Good Bakery

It’s All Good Bakery has been family owned and operated since 1996. Using only the finest ingredients and recipes handed down from grandmother to mother. Its owner, Kim Cloud, who was born and raised in Oakland, after ending his rap career, he needed something to do. So he decided to start a family business. Opening a bakery seemed like the natural thing to do because of all the recipes that had been in his family for years. It’s All Good’s name came about after his wrap days. He felt like “It’s All Good” was universal and gave a good description of the desserts carried in the bakery.

In 96’ with only a two year lease business took off and he was able to purchase the building after only a year in business. After which, he learned that he had bought a piece of history. The building was the first headquarters for the Black Panther Party. This became very important because Kim remembered when he was a child the Black Panther Party sponsored the “Free Breakfast Program” which he and his brothers and sisters participated. The Black Panther Party was known in Oakland to always give back to the community.

Once in business, Kim wanted to exemplify that same kind of business model at the bakery. He wanted to be a presence in the Oakland community and give back. By hiring employees that lived in the neighborhood or that couldn’t get jobs at other places, he wanted to provide an opportunity for positive change. He wanted to use the bakery to change people’s lives.

People from all around the world have visited the bakery to sample its wonderful desserts, from the mayor of San Francisco, to Patti Labelle to Maze to news anchor Pam Moore. After fifteen years later in business, this is how we know that we have something special and that our desserts really are all good! Come and enjoy the experience, and remember it’s not just a name.

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Martin Luther King Junior Way 5622
Oakland 94609 CA US
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