Imhotep Academy

Customized Learning for Every Child

Customized Learning for Every Child

At Imhotep Academy, we believe that there is no ceiling for a child’s learning capacity. We provide each student with accelerated academics and development experiences that challenge them on and above grade level. We are dedicated to sound scholarship and to the academic disciplines, helping to foster the development of young people’s curiosity and independent thought.

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  1. Imhotep a school, a family, a community.




    Imhotep Academy is where young minds go to be challenged, to be pushed, to be expanded and to be nurtured. I can’t think of a school that offers the academic excellence, social development, athletic prowess, extracurricular diversity and community elevation that Imhotep does. What is being achieved and fostered at Imhotep should serve as a blueprint for what should be happening nation wide in schools. If you’re searching for excellence and the highest level of of expectations and achievement across the board Imhotep Academy should be your first and last stop.

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