Gifted & Lit

A Hip-Hip Children's Educational Program

Want Your Child To Be Excited About Learning?
Want Them To Learn Different Languages using Hip-Hop?….

Hip-Hop has a tremendous impact on today’s youth and is the #1 listened to genre of music in the world. Due to it’s impact, Derek Collins created the award-winning ‘Gifted and Lit’ series to educate and relate to students across the globe.

Gifted and Lit” melds modern beats, lyrics, and positive information that influences children to develop a love for education. In addition, ‘Gifted and Lit’ uses age appropriate music to make learning fun while promoting science, reading, and mathematics.

In fact here’s just a sample of what your child will get…..

  •  *The ability to Teach your child the significance of self love so you can help your children learn that they are special and can achieve anything they put their mind to.
  • * Apply Hip-hop music to enhance your child’s learning experience so you can help your child retain the information that they’re learning faster.
  • * Promotes a positive environment that encourages Anti-bullying so you can create a safe and healthy mindset for your kids.
  • * Teach your child different languages so they can boost their critical thinking, listening skills, concentration and their ability to multi task.
  • * Discover how your child can get started on the path of entrepreneurship so you can help inspire them to be self-sufficient, problem solvers and financially free.

This program is a valuable resource for family and parent engagement programs looking for a tool that connects to parents and children alike. If you want your students to be motivated, inspired, and engaged, ‘Gifted and Lit’ is the program for you.

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