Fulaba promotes timeless jewelry pieces from African high culture. Fulaba represents the woman who holds herself high with honor and dignity and enjoys accentuating her beauty with accessories inspired by the ancient Fulani tradition. The style of the Fulani earring is called bhoylé. For centuries, Fulani women wore these earrings in solid gold as a sign of wealth and nobility.

Fulaba was launched in 2015 with the intent of bringing exclusive handmade jewelry that represents African high culture beginning with Fulani earrings and bracelets because of the Founder’s direct Fulani descent.

Our product line currently includes Fulani earrings and bracelets that are copper dipped in 22k gold and pure silver and a higher quality version of the Fulani earrings that are heavy gold plated with 23k gold. All pieces are handmade in Guinea, West Africa.

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