D’Varia means Diva with Variety that comes in different shapes, sizes, hues, cultures, and creeds. Men are divas too, but we call them D’Vos. Embracing all of what D’Vos and D’Vas have that makes them unique, therefore you can embody who you are. D’Varia specializes not only in designing and making custom made garments but also understanding the fabric relation to the body (D’Varia Design) as well as the fabric of life (D’Varia Lifestyle). We design anything from sun dresses to elaborate gowns, from chic to fun and flirty skirts, from ‘a night on the town with my D’Vas’ to ‘I’m doing me.’

For D’Vos, we accessorize your suits by custom-designing ties, bow ties, ascots, and hankies.

In addition, we offer styling and personal shopping for any client that has special needs or events.

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