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It was the Easy Bake Oven that inspired a little girl, Andra Hall, to become an avid baker. Armed with her Grandmother’s advice that it’s best to do one thing really well and equipped with her Mama’s knack for baking, Andra launched CamiCakes™, which is named for her daughter Camille.

CamiCakes specializes in yummy gourmet cupcakes to enjoy daily or for birthdays, weddings, showers, and many other special celebrations. We pride ourselves in coming up with unique alternatives to the boring old standard. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to do a whimsical milk and cupcake bar at your next meeting instead of the traditional cookies or doughnuts? We use the freshest ingredients to create our cupcakes and our delectably smooth buttercream or cream cheese frosting adds the finishing touch.

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  1. Great treats




    Love the red velvet cake and the banana pudding ice cream!!!!!

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