OneTechGirl LLC

Connecting customers with brands

We are redefining what it means to be an online small business owner…

Its our goal to make you look as professional online as you do in person.  When your website clearly communicates who you are at your best, you’re going to discover a whole new level of confidence in your business online and offline. We believe that you are your own best marketing tool.  Put you face to face with a client, and you know you can sell your products or services just about every time with the right client.

So how do we put you on your website? How do we create that same professional custom experience for clients on the other end of your screen? We start with you. Because, after-all, you are your brand.  Together, we are a complete team you with your experience and professional understanding of your ideal clients, and us with our blend of design, development, digital marketing expertise.  We create the team you need to bring your small business to life online.

Here at OneTechGirl, we collaborate with small businesses owners at all levels of industry, helping them translate their offline business into an online digital experience.  By focusing on not just how it looks, but how it works, we are able to unify both function and form, creating one of a kind online brand experiences for your clients and followers.

Let us help you step up your online presence today.  Contact us to learn more about our creative process and how to get started.

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