There are 3 billion people on the Internet. What are you doing about it?

4THPARK is a digital branding agency based in Atlanta, GA. We help companies, startups & entrepreneurs position their brand online. We started 4THPARK because we believed that the world needed something different. It needed a different kind of agency. Not just another agency that was known for making pretty things. We wanted to start an agency that understood the power of the Internet.

As a digital branding agency, we’re passionate about assessing, improving, and managing the relationship between a brand and its audience online. It’s this passion that fuels our purpose as a firm. We believe that the Internet is one of the most exciting and underestimated phenomenas to impact our culture and world.

As a team, we love and champion the art of branding, digital marketing, and smart design. We’re a team of design thinkers, storytellers, and digital strategists, and we’re passionate about helping companies position their brand online.

Since we started, we’ve had the privilege of working with some really cool brands, ranging from startups to non-profits. We’ve used the Internet as a medium for positioning brands in the marketplace. And we love what we do!

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